Kefir Treatment Started

Well we started the little man on the Kefir on Tuesday and apart from him having the most gross halitosis ever (and it was bad enough to start with) there doesn’t seem to be any adverse side effects.

His face has healed up pretty well but he still has a small hole which needs to close up, but overall we are pleased how things have gone.

His little battered face is in need of some TLC so we are waiting on our delivery from The Chuckling Goat of a soothing Kefir cream which also contains an extract of Rosemary.

It is such a shame that when we are out and about everyone just seems to see Lenny’s face and they don’t see the happily annoying yet very loveable “Underfoot” that we do.

As you can see he is rather ermmmm relaxed shall we say, in fact it is a very lazy Sunday afternoon in the Carter household.

Just Chillin (Lenny) and Roddy


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