The Alien’s have landed

Lenny today 🙂 tail still wagging!

At the end of last week we had reached the point where we were hoping that we were coming toward the end of Lenny’s infection treatment and that things were heading in the right direction for him.

We took him up to the vet Saturday morning for a good wash and rinse around his eyes and found that he had an ulcer on his damaged eye…huff! So, more plasma drops again together with the further antibiotic drops.

Lenny is forever rubbing his head against the inside of the Isabelina Collar basically because he is trying to remove the irritating scabs which form on his head and around his eyes. In the most part we have to try to remove these daily to ensure that the infection within can freely vacate the premises but some are certainly best left to their own devices but all in all we weren’t doing too badly.

Then Sunday morning things got a whole lot messier

We had raised a question at the vets on the Saturday about a small yellowish lump in the centre of Lenny’s head which she kindly explained was infection…(looked like a horrible creepy crawly thing to me, or worse bone but I was assured that this wasn’t the case). This infection had become hard, think of a one horribly big boil under the skin waiting to erupt…lovely we here you say…well Sunday morning it erupted like something out of the film Alien!

What came out was a combination of hard, probably two year old infection, and a lump of tissue. Needless to say the little man ended up with a hole on his forehead. When we say a hole we mean a hole, hole! The alien invasion happened while he was feeding and believe me, he had absolutely no intention of stopping eating, head explosion or not.

The images are pretty icky so do not scroll down to the bottom of this post if you are of a delicate disposition.

Now we know that the saying is better out than in but there are times when you really begin to wonder if this is the case, particularly seeing the alien which flung itself to the floor when Lenny shook his head. We weren’t confident.

We had already been given an emergency supply of painkillers and blood tablets for such similar occasions as these by the vet and Lenny still seemed none the worse for his “explosion” and continued on the rest of Sunday as if nothing had happened. Happily woofing when all the others woofed, eating and drinking and occasionally looking at you with the expression of “err excuse me nursey would you mind shifting this crud out of my face”.

For my part Sunday night I couldn’t sleep a wink, I was sure that on Monday morning I would wake up to Lenny in a pool of blood, but of course I was worrying over nothing.

Taking him up to be checked out on Monday morning the vet decided not to remove too many of the scabs which had formed as whenever she does this we seem to end up with something major occurring at home such as the haematomas which had happened previously. The infection moves to escape from one area to another so we are just keeping things slightly open to allow draining of the infection from the head and we are trying to stay on top of the infection in his eyes which is as a consequence of the ever moving “yucky stuff”.

How Lenny has kept going through all this we don’t know, and we are sure that there are many who will want to question our continuation with treatment, but if you ever met Lenny you would know why we continue, and we think finally, today we may just be turning a corner. Dare we say that we feel that we may now have passed the worst of this infection? Lenny’s head is a much more normal shape and if we can remove some of the scabbing around the eyes then we will be on a roll…

Lenny today (and if you check the tail you will see it is still a moving target )

Lenny 18th June 2017

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