More coughing and spluttering

Not a good night last night. I was woken up at 12.10am by the dulcet sounds of Lenny coughing 🙁 by 2.00am I had to get up and give him a dose of coconut oil and honey to try to alleviate the irritation for him. He finally settled down around 4.00am.

When we got up around 7.30am he started coughing again and chucked up something horrible (which I am assuming is a consequence of his teeth and nose and all the blood and muck that goes down his throat on a daily basis).

Popped in to our local veterinary satellite clinic this morning and the vet will speak to my vet and see what he suggests.

In addition his tail is looking really bad this morning. It hasn’t been this bad in years 🙁

It’s no good, he’s going to have to stop wagging it!

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