Bad, bad bone

Well Lenny said he apologies for not updating on his vet visit on Friday he got a little distracted (must be all them pills he keeps popping)! 🙂

He has doctored a couple of photos though…of his x-rays!!

Whether the first is his brain I very much doubt as sometimes I question whether he has a brain at all! <3 x x

What Lenny is trying to demonstrate are the lumps on his head are soft tissue lumps (which may well be similar to brain tissue but are in no way attached to his brain)!
This is what we actually went up to the clinic for on Friday. The lump is very hard and there is definitely something going on in his jaw bone. The inflammation is going down and we’ll be back to the clinic on Friday for a check up. The vet did extract some cells but he couldn’t get much and from what he could see he couldn’t find any neoplasia, but his general feeling is it is likely to be a tumour.