A Mutt in the Limelight

There is no doubt that Lenny was always the dog in the limelight in the Carter household, he was a character all to himself and he even managed to hijack The Hooman’s Facebook page from time to time, but now Lenny has left us the house is very quiet, particularly at feeding times when he could be found ankle biting you out of the door to get a move on and fulfil the regular request of “wherz mi dinna!”

In his absence now a new “Mutt in the Limelight” is taking centre stage and our old boy Albert has said that he will happily take up the mantle as he is keen to improve his public profile 🙂

Albert to the best that we can tell was born around December 2002. We found him in November 2012 and we swear blind he came down with the Gota Fria.

We had seen him in Pliego town square where we were living at the time and he was very wary of people but eventually the smell and taste of frankfurters was just too much of a temptation and we finally managed to pick him up and get him to the vet.

Albert is Leishmania positive, he also has bone atrophy and arthritis, but this doesn’t stop him enjoying his life so much so that HRH Little Prince Albert as we call him has asked in his very best Doglish if we would name something in the Lenny Loves This shop in his honour.

Now, although Albert is a bit of an aristocrat (it’s alright Albert I didn’t say cat), he does respond also to the name of Iddy Biddy which we happen to feel conveys rather well his sweet friendly little nature (that is unless he sees a big dog in which case he is a Rottweiler).

So coming soon will be a range of hand crafted IddieBiddies 🙂

Albert when found.

HRH certainly deserves something special x

The Hooman has always loved the detail and patience involved in creating things in miniature be it embroidery, painting, drawing or ships in bottles (but please don’t expect any ships 🙂 ), so she thinks she should be able to create some iddy biddy things for Iddy Biddy to put his name to.

It is very early days but The Hooman is definitely in the throes of trying to recover her artistic and creative side and Albert has said he is going to be keeping a close eye on her to make sure that she invests her time wisely as time management is not her strong point.

She has so many ideas whirling around in her head that on occasion’s things can go a little awry. (Her mind is often like her office, full of great things but you just can never blinkin well find them).

Albert is working on a plan!

Lumps, Bumps and Smells

Well I have been a little busy lately as the OH is in the UK for a week (he’s now a granddad!), and I’ve been trying to get all of those jobs done that I can never get done “when there’s a man in the house”.

Roddy likes to help me with the cleaning too, not!

Mr Lazy!

The OH also jokes that whenever he goes out of the house for more than a day he comes back and the furniture has moved!

We’ve all been going out for our regular walks and I’ve decided this New Year that I would try to find different routes for us as we usually go “up and down” or “round and round”, so the dogs are getting some new sniffs which is great.

Lenny is doing fine though he woke up Wednesday morning with a yucky eye so off to see Uncle Edy he went.

He has an ulcer on his eye so we have eye drops for him which he HATES, but as they usually come with some food attached to them he is growing to like them.

The vet stuck some funny yellow stuff in my eye. I couldn’t see a bloody thing!

We have to go back and see the vet again in a few days’ time to check if it is healing okay.

I do think that Lenny’s lump has grown a little as he now has a bald patch on the top of his head too so I’m keeping a close eye on him.

No more lumps and bumps please Lenny.

Lenny has also broken his tail tip apparently, probably from wagging his tail so hard!

He obviously didn’t feel it though as there is very little circulation down there. What’s that saying… no sense no feeling 🙂 x x x